Dover Town Officer Appointments

Appointed Town Officers
Unless Noted, Terms are for 1-Year
Animal Control Officer & Pound Keeper:  James (Sandy) MacDougall
Assessor:  Linda Sherman
Civil Defense Officer: Select board
Council on Aging Representative: Jill Robart
Delinquent Tax Collector:  Marco Tallini
Energy Coordinator: Joe Mahon
Exposure Control Officer: Richard Werner
Green Up Day Coordinator: Lori O’Hern
Road Commissioner: Bob Holland
Tree Warden: Andy McLean
Town Service Officer: Linda Holland
West Dover Fire Chief: Richard Werner
Windham Regional Commissioners: Nicolas Wallaert & Kevin Stine
Windham Solid Waste Representative: Kevin Stine (alternate)

Elected Town Officers
AUDITORS – 3 year terms
Term Expiring 2019 Linda Sherman
Term Expiring 2020 Tamara Allen
Term Expiring 2019 Robert McIntyre, Jr.
1st CONSTABLE – 1 year term Vacant

GRAND JUROR   – 1 year term Vacant
2 year term:Terms Expire November 2018
Cyndee Frere
Marleen Gloeckner
Linda Holland
LIBRARY TRUSTEES – 5 year terms
Term Expiring – 2021 Nancie McLean
Term Expiring – 2021 Kevin Stine
Term Expiring – 2021 Cynthia Cohen
Term Expiring – 2018 Hillary Twining
Term Expiring – 2019 Meredith Anton

SCHOOL MODERATOR - 1 year term  Sarah Shippee
TOWN MODERATOR – 1 year term  Richard Werner

Chair: Term Expiring – 2020 (3 year term)
Richard J. Werner
Clerk: Term Expiring – 2018 (2 year term)
Jollene Mahon
Director: Term Expiring – 2018 (3 year term)
John Cleanthes
Director: Term Expiring – 2019 (2 year term)
Kerry MacDonald-Cady
Vice chair: Term Expiring – 2019 (3 year term)
Laura Sibilia

Chair: Term Expiring – 2020 (3 year term) Joshua Cohen
Vice Chair : Term Expiring – 2019 (2 year term) Victoria Capitani
Term Expiring – 2018 (remainder of 3 year term) Daniel Baliotti
Term Expiring – 2019 (3 year term) Joseph Mahon
Term Expiring -- 2018 (remainder of 2 yr term) Sarah Shippee

TOWN AGENT – 1 year term
Linda Holland
TOWN CLERKTerm Expiring  2019 (3 year term)
Andy McLean

TOWN TREASURER Term Expiring 2019 (3 year term)
Marco Tallini
Marco Tallini

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