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Dover Police Department

The Town of Dover, Vermont is accepting applications for a full-time Police Officer position.    The position is 40 hours/week with overtime available.  Patrol officers work 10-hour shifts, 4 days a week. Weekend and holiday shifts required.  Competitive pay with full benefits including health insurance.  VMERS Group D retirement plan with possible retirement at age 50 with 20 years of service.  All equipment and uniforms provided.  Paid on the job training at the Vermont Police Academy for uncertified candidates.  Requirements:  US citizen, minimum age of 21, valid driver’s license and high school diploma.  Applicant must be able to perform all the essential functions involved with police duties.  Applicant must be able to complete the Vermont Police Academy entrance requirements.  Application available on-line:   www.doververmont.com, E.O.E

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