Proposals and Bids

Request for proposals:
Town of Dover
Town Office
P.O. Box 527
West Dover, VT 05356


Potential Bidder-
The Town of Dover is looking for bids to renovate the existing water closet and clerk counter within the Town Office building to improve ADA accessibility. 
Each bidder will be required to submit five letters of recommendation including names and contact information of five similar projects that they have completed within the last five years.
The successful bidder, after being awarded the bid but before any work shall be permitted shall file a Certificate of Insurance naming the Town of Dover as an additional insured, with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000/ $2,000,000.
The successful bidder shall certify that they have never been convicted or been charged with any type of home improvement or similar fraud.
Project Specifics to reference the attached drawings A-1 thru A-5 dated 1/16/18  (link to drawings: Dover ADA bath cd 1-16-18.pdf) full size copies available
-       New vinyl flooring in bathroom to match existing in color and quality, product submittal required for approval.
-       All painting and trim finish colors to match existing
-       New toilet fixture to be “Kohler” Highline, right hand flush, model K-3979 color white. Installation to include all necessary fittings and elongated toilet seat.
Note: alternate products may be submitted for review and approval
-       New sink Faucet to be “Kohler” Forte, model K-10273-4, color polished chrome. Installation to include all necessary fittings and drain assembly to maintain ADA compliance.
Note: alternate products may be submitted for review and approval
-       Salvage and re-use existing wall hung vanity sink.  Installation to include all necessary hardware and fittings.
Note: new ADA compliant sink fixture may be submitted for review and approval
-       Wall hung storage utility cabinet to be 36” wide x 80” ht x 12” deep without kick riser. Product to be white, raised panel, standard overlay, therma foil finish with 4 interior shelves and polished chrome hardware. Reverse BUTT door configuration. Product submittal required for review and approval.
-       New surface mount energy efficient LED bathroom light fixture to be installed in existing location. Product to be similar to existing. Bidder to select fixture and submit for review and approval.
-       New ADA compliant clerk counter surface to be Formica laminate counter top material or similar.  Bidder to submit material samples for review and approval.
Bidders shall be prepared to meet the following performance and invoicing requirements-
    -work shall commence no later than April 9, 2018
    -work needs to be completed within 45 days of starting the job
    -payments shall be made only as follows-
                           -30%: Deposit for materials on site
                           -30%: When project is 50% complete
                           -25%: When project is 100% complete
                           -15%: Balance when project is inspected & any concerns are completed                       
All bids shall be received by 5 PM on March 2, 2018.  Bids can be mailed to the above address or hand delivered to the Office Manager at the Dover Town Office located on 102 Route 100 in West Dover.  No faxed or e-mailed bids shall be accepted.
The Town of Dover reserves that right to accept or reject any and all bids and does not have to award the bid to the lowest bidder. 
The bids will be presented to the Select board to award to the successful bidder at the regular Select board meeting on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.  Please note this change of meeting schedule due to Town Meeting on March 6th.
All bidders must make arrangements for a site visit prior to submitting a bid.
Any questions or clarifications should be directed to Jeannette Eckert, Assistant Town Clerk/Office Manager at 802-464-5100 x3.  Any exceptions to the specifications or changes proposed by a prospective bidder shall be included in the proposal for review.



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