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Florence Thompson Howe, "Fighting Fire with Fun: Forming of the East Dover Volunteer Fire Company," 1951
"Hand a lemon to a Vermont Yankee and he'll make lemonade of it - sweetended with maple sugar, maybe.  The birth of the East Dover Volunteer Fire Company is a typical example of the Vermont attack."
This is the opening line from an article written by Florence Thompson Howe for the in 1951.  In her heartwarming article she tells us how the East Dover Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1949. The following is an exerpt from that article:
"A committee was appointed to find out how much money would be needed to enable the Company to buy fire-fighting equipment. The report set a figure of $2,500.00 as something to shoot at, but nobody thought the little village of three hundres souls could raise it.  However, Allen Hamlin, an exceedingly capable "new resident" put his experienced shoulder to the wheel and, working with the townspeople in the old Vermont "town-meeting" fahsion, a two-day carnival was planned.
"A costumed ball was held on the opening night of the carnival, and the high-light of the two day festival came with the dedication on Saturday of the memorial to Dover men who served in the two late wars.
"At the close of the two days' festivities $1,357.00 was deposited to the credit of the East Dover Volunteer Fire Company.
"Social activities, repeated from time to time have swelled the fund and knit the community together more closely. Incorporation as a non-profit organization under the laws of Vermont was effected for the purpose of: 'Providing fire protection to the inhabitants and property owners of the town of Dover, County of Windham and State of Vermont, and to those in surrounding towns whose property is adjacent to the Dover town lines, and undertaking such other projects as may promote the social welfare and civic betterment of said town.' "
Presently, the East Dover Fire Company still holds dances at the Dover Town Hall located on Dover Common to raise money.  Although it may not be the costumed balls, or the two-day festivities with the horse-drawing contests of yesteryear, it is still a great opportunity to "...swell the fund and knit the community together more closely."
Each year during the month of July, the East Dover Fire Company hosts their popular (and much anticipated) auction to help subsidize their firefighting efforts.  If you have any donations, such as furniture, appliances, etc. in good condition, please contact Lenord Hall at 348-7108  to arrange for a time to pick them up.

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