2020 Census Update--Mountain Hunt-July 1st

2020 Census Update--Mountain Hunt!! July 1st

Dover's location is the Town Office Parking Lot--102 Route 100, West Dover.

  • All 14 sites will have the game cards printed.
  • NO ONE has to get out of the car!  really important to understand and comply with.
  • The blue digit cards i am placing on the side of the road near the site entrance.  Balloons at every site entrance.
  • If people want to play the game, once they have the game card, they can just drive near the site and not pull into the parking lot.
  • All 14 sites will have the Blue cardboard displaying two digits (either a number or letter)
  • 5 sites will have a bonus cardboard.
  • Seeing the game pieces I think helps understand the flow of the game.  Nothing complicated
  • We hope people will also see our encouragement to respond to the Census and spread the word to go online or show up at the sites to have a Census worker help them.

This is a big update!

1. The US Census Bureau has just given permission for Vermont Census Workers to resume work in our communities and we are very excited to continue our mission to assist people with the completion of the Survey. Specifically, we are asking our community partners to work with us to identify and create events where local people can get answers to questions and get direct (spatially distanced) assistance in completing the survey.
2. Windham County have made impressive progress in our Response Rate for Census - there is some startling progress shown in the attached file.
For an even deeper dive, try the ROAM tool
Yields nuggets like Jamaica VT Vacant Housing Units %......65.69 in other words 2/3 of Jamaica's housing stock is second/seasonal homes. That lends perspective to the 13.7% response rate. Census counts people not homes.
Thanks for reading this far. The importance of the Census may have been lost in the noise of the last months but it will still determine federal funding for communities for the next 10 years. Anything you can do to share this information on your Town website or Front Porch Forum or Facebook pages will help continue to raise awareness about the importance of the Census.
Share and encourage others to respond:
Call 1-844-330-2020 for Census Survey Completion
use www.my2020census.gov to complete it online


Call David Longsmith with questions or for help 802-922-7240




The Decennial US Census has started; Response Lagging in our town!


National Response Rate is 60.6%
Vermont is at 51.3%
Windham County is at 36%
Dover is currently at 6.1%
Please see the attached Seasonal Home flyer, the Census is aware of the number of second homes in Dover. Also, the “Update Leave” project was just completed by the Census, delivering the survey to the homes of all people with P.O. Box mail service.

You have two options: First, you can go online at 2020Census.gov and complete your Census quickly and securely.  If you prefer not to use the internet, you can call, toll-free, 844-330-2020, and speak with a live person who will take your information entirely over the phone.  There are only nine questions on all census questionnaires, so this will take you no more than 10 minutes!

Meals on Wheels, Medicare, school funding, transportation planning, and first responders all rely on the numbers that the Census produces.  Make sure our area is counted, completely and accurately, by being proactive and responding TODAY!

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