Covid-19 Vaccine Updates

Covid-19 Vaccine Updates


This was put out by Trey Dobson, CMO of SVMC – thought it might be helpful – this is what he is recommending on the blood thinner question (see the bottom). 


Margaret Lewis, MPA, NHA

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Problems and Solutions with Scheduling in the Vermont Vaccine Program



  • Know that there is the registration process which must be done first to create an account
    • A confirmatory email is then sent to the individual
    • The individual must then follow the link in the email to schedule their vaccine date and time
  • The process has worked quite well over the first 24 hours
    • Over 20,000 people have successfully registered and obtained an appointment
    • VT DoH has a nice FAQs that answer most questions
    • There have been problems, not unexpectedly; below are a few with potential solutions
  • Problem
    • Registration is completed but no confirmatory email arrives and thus the individual cannot schedule a test.
  • Solution
    • This problem is not universal but affects certain people.
    • Click the registration three times. No joke. It seems to work.
    • We provided feedback to the DoH, so hopefully it will get fixed soon.
  • Problem
    • When registering multiple family members, the process will not accept a single email for more than one person individuals
    • For example, a daughter helps her parents register to get vaccinated.
    • She registers her mom with her mom’s email address.
    • Because her dad does not really use email anymore nor have a valid email account, she tries to register him with the same email address and is rejected.
  • Solution
    • Use a different email address for each individual, or
    • Register one person, then add others in the family as dependents on that account


  • Problem
    • When registering by phone (and perhaps online, too), individuals answering “yes” to the question “Are you on blood thinners?”, were instructed
    • “You have to get a note from your primary care doctor in order to get vaccinated.”, or
    • “You will have to wait until the vaccine is available at your doctor’s office.”
  • Solution
    • Ignore and register
    • We have provided feedback yesterday and again today that the a majority of the screening questions in use are not contraindications to vaccine and add zero value to the process
    • In fact, such questions only raise unsubstantiated concerns in individuals and delay or prevent vaccination

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