Efficiency Vermont Information

Efficiency Vermont Information
Whether or not you’re a business owner, non-profit manager, homeowner, landowner, landlord, or renter, energy efficiency can help you save money, save energy, and increase your comfort. This year, the town of Dover is teaming up with Efficiency Vermont and community partners to help Dover save through energy efficiency.  
Efficiency Vermont’s dedicated community manager, Becca White, will be working with Dover throughout the year to help you understand more about energy saving solutions. Look for virtual events, like upcoming “Efficiency Vermont Office Hours” at our local libraries or visit the website (www.efficiencyvermont/deerfield-valley) to get started! You can also email Becca White at bwhite@veic.org with specific questions about how to get started. 
Figuring out where to start on your energy efficiency project can be tricky. That’s why we’re partnering with Efficiency Vermont to offer energy consultations for homeowners, renters, and property owners. An expert from Efficiency Vermont can help you identify the low hanging fruit in your building or home – the most cost-effective ways you can save energy and money, and what incentives are available to help you get started.  
Learn more about your options at www.efficiencyvermont.com/deerfield-valley or by attending a Zoom meeting happening in the coming weeks. Questions? Reach out to Efficiency Vermont’s Community Energy Manager, Becca White, at bwhite@veic.org

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