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The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to seek proposals from qualified consulting firms to provide professional services to the Town of Dover, VT to develop a Trails and Recreation Master Plan that covers the next 25 years. The plan should create a roadmap to guide future decision making and ensuring an appropriate balance of facilities and amenities throughout the community. The Town is seeking a system-wide approach to evaluating trails and recreational venues, facilities and amenities in order to develop goals, policies and guidelines along with achievable strategies to achieve them.

The Town of Dover is requesting bids for the excavation and installation of a 6ft x 14ft x 90 ft. concrete box culvert on Taft Brook Rd.

Work to consist of removal and disposal of existing culvert, excavate and dispose of excavated material, install new 6ft x 14ft x 90 ft. box culvert provided by the contractor. All work will be done according to the plans.

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Town of Dover Taft Brook rfp.pdf

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