Crosstown Trails

Crosstown Trails

Hikers at Mount Snow have access to more than 20 miles of trails through the Green Mountain National Forest on and around the mountain, with terrain for various abilities.

Total distance: approximately 6 miles.

Difficulty: Easy.

Time: 2-3 hours.

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From the intersection of Route 100 and Crosstown Road, head west up Crosstown Road, which is very steep and climbs 300 feet in under a mile. Once you’re up the hill, you’ll pass the Mount Snow Golf Course on your left, and you’ll see the trailhead in front of you as the road turns sharply to the right. Follow Crosstown Trail into the Green Mountain National Forest for about a mile where you’ll see the Sherwood Forest and Friar Tuck trails. Just a quarter mile ahead of you is the west trailhead at the parking lot on Handle Road, if you chose to start there. Turn South into the National Forest following the Sherwood Forest trail. It will rise and fall in an easy hike through the woods for about 2 miles. This is a well-known trail that is clearly marked and relaxing to follow. At the marsh, you'll cross the bridge, and then you'll cross beneath the power lines. After your 2 miles, you’ll merge into the Little John Trail in Wilmington. To do this, you’ll come to a T intersection where you’ll want to go left (eastward direction). From here, the trail winds one and a half miles along the ridge line at 1900 feet. Given its easy slopes and wide trails, this hike is a local favorite for a daily stroll or bike ride. Circling back North, you’ll pass the Mount Snow Airport and cut back through the Mount Snow Golf Course on to Crosstown Road. Head back down Crosstown Road into the center of West Dover.

Trail maps are located at the Hiking Center, located in Mount Snow Sports at the Grand Summit Resort Hotel.