Dover Police Department
P.O. Box 124
West Dover, VT  05356
Non-Emergency Telephone No: (802) 464-2020
For Emergencies, Call 911
The Dover Police Department was established with a grant in 1971 to support one policeman for 1 year. After the first year, the department enlarged to a Police Chief and patrolman. An addition was constructed on the back of the Town Office to house the department.
By the 1990's, the department had grown to a Police Chief, 4 full-time police officers and a secretary/dispatcher. In 1995, the former West Dover Firehouse was converted into a police station to house the growing department.
Today, the department consists of a Police Chief, Sergeant, Investigator, 3 full-time Officers, 1 part-time Officer, and a Dispatcher/Office Manager.
Below is a listing of those employees who serve and protect our community.

  • Chief Randall Johnson
  • Sergeant Michael Arbogast
  • Patrol Officer Samuel Morris
  • Patrol Officer Rebecca Morris
  • Patrol Officer William Manch
  • Patrol Officer David Hammack
  • Part-Time Patrol Officer Robert Edwards
  • Part-Time Patrol Officer Richard Werner
  • Office Manager Michelle Mann


Part-Time Police Officer

The Town of Dover, Vermont is accepting applications for a part-time Police Officer position.    The position is 10 to 20 scheduled hours per week consisting of 1 or 2 10-hour shifts. Weekend shifts required.  Pay is based on experience.  All equipment and uniforms provided.  Paid on the job training at the Vermont Police Academy for uncertified candidates.  Requirements:  US citizen, minimum age of 21, valid driver’s license and high school diploma, ability to be able to perform all the essential functions involved with police duties and complete the Vermont Police Academy entrance requirements for Level II police officers.  Application deadline is May 25, 2018.  Applicants must be available for Academy testing on June 5, 2018.  Application available on-line:   www.doververmont.com, E.O.E.

Employment Application.pdf


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