Zoning Department

The Zoning Department manages Applications for Zoning Permits and for Sign Permits.

New Application Forms for Zoning and Sign Permits and a Digital Portal are coming soon!

Zoning Permits are governed by the Zoning Bylaw.
Sign Permits are governed by the Dover Sign Ordinance.



How do I apply for a Zoning Permit?

Fill out the Zoning Permit Application. Submit the application and all associated documents via email to: zoning [at] doververmont.com or by mail to Zoning Department, Town of Dover, P.O. Box 428, West Dover  VT  05356.

Please make checks payable to Town of Dover.

What documents do I need for a Zoning Permit?

See Sections 335, 365 and 370 of the Bylaw.

All applications for a Zoning Permit shall be submitted on forms provided by the Town of Dover and shall include the following:

  • A site map signed and dated by the applicant indicating the following:
    • dimension of the lot to be built on;
    • location and dimension of the proposed building and accessory structures;
    • proposed extensions or changes to existing buildings;
    • existing structures, driveways, roads, right-of-ways, streams, rivers or lakes, wells and septic systems,
    • E-911 numbers for all lots and/or units.

If development requires the disposal of domestic or other wastes or effluent, such development shall not commence until evidence of approval to dispose of said waste has been filed with the Zoning Administrator. Approval shall be in the form of:

  • A permit issued under the Environmental Protection Rules of the State of Vermont, or
  • A letter of commitment to discharge effluent into the North Branch Fire District #1 or other municipal sewage treatment facility.

What do I need to apply for a subdivision?

All applications for a Zoning Permit shall be submitted on forms provided by the Town of Dover and shall include the following:

If the application is for the subdivision of land, a copy of the deed as recorded in the Dover Land Records must be included. If a parcel is divided into two (2) parcels, the smaller of the two must be surveyed and a plat filed with the Zoning Permit application and subdivision plat recorded with the Town Clerk. If a parcel is divided into two (2) equal parcels, then both parcels must be surveyed. If a parcel is divided into three (3) or more parcels, a survey of each parcel is required. Any survey must be conducted by a state registered engineer or land surveyor with an official stamp affixed.

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