Health Officer

Dog/other animal Bite:

Please report all incidents of Dog or other animal bites to the Dover Police Department and to the Town Health Officer. THO can be reached at 802-464-5100 x7 and at zoning [at] (). FAX number is 802-464-8721. ALL bites that need medical attention MUST be reported. It is suggested that all interactions with animals that might be of concern should be reported. 

For Animal Control please contact Dover PD or Animal Control Officers Meaghan Audet 603-312-7128 (East Dover) or Richard Sedlack 516-361-8100 (West Dover) richard [at] 


Rental Housing Health Concerns:

The Division of Fire Safety handles any Rental Housing Health and Safety issues. Information and complaint forms can be found at 

Rental Housing Health and Safety | Division of Fire Safety ( . 

The Rental Housing Health Code can be found at RRHHS Code 2022 .pdf (