Town Offices

The Town Office building is the former West Dover School located at 102 Route 100 next to the West Dover Congregational Church. After the town purchased the building during the 1950s, a vault was constructed on the back of the building so it could be used as the Town Clerk's Office. Prior to this, the Town Clerk's office has been at the home of the Town Clerk. The Town Office underwent extensive renovations in 1990. Basement offices and a new vault were constructed. Below is a listing of departments located in the Town Office:

Andy McLean
Town Clerk
(802) 464-5100 x2
Jeannette Eckert
Assistant Town Clerk/Office Manager
(802) 464-5100 x3
Marco Tallini
Treasurer/Delinquent Tax Collector
(802) 464-5100 x6
Tabi Freedman
Zoning Administrator & Town Health Officer
(802) 464-5100 x7
Eric Durocher - Economic Development Director
Director of Economic Development
(802) 464-5100 x4
Shannon Wheeler
Assistant Director of Economic Development
(802) 464-5100 x118
Linda Sherman
(802) 464-5100 x5
Town Dog