Dover Police Department
P.O. Box 124
West Dover, VT  05356
Non-Emergency Telephone No: (802) 464-2020
For Emergencies, Call 911
The Dover Police Department was established with a grant in 1971 to support one policeman for 1 year. After the first year, the department enlarged to a Police Chief and patrolman. An addition was constructed on the back of the Town Office to house the department.
By the 1990's, the department had grown to a Police Chief, 4 full-time police officers and a secretary/dispatcher. In 1995, the former West Dover Firehouse was converted into a police station to house the growing department.
Today, the department consists of a Police Chief, 1 Sergeant, 3 full-time Officers, 3 part-time Officers, and a Dispatcher/Office Manager.
Below is a listing of those employees who serve and protect our community.

  • Chief Randall Johnson
  • Sergeant Michael Arbogast
  • Patrol Officer Samuel Morris
  • Detective Rebecca Morris
  • Patrol Officer William Manch
  • Patrol Officer Frank Dornburgh
  • Part-Time Patrol Officer Robert Edwards
  • Part-Time Patrol Officer Richard Werner
  • Part-Time Patrol Officer Jason Perlmutter
  • Office Manager Michelle Mann




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